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Falls of the Ohio State Park and Interpretive Center
The Beginning Site of Lewis and Clark!

National Council of Lewis and Clark Bicentennial

Indiana Lewis and Clark Commission

Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail Foundation

Lewis and Clark Internet Archive

Southern Indiana Convention and Tourism Bureau

Lewis and Clark Recreation Info

The Journals of Lewis and Clark - Online


(more coming soon)

Other National Signature Events:

Bicentennial Kick-Off (Monticello, Virginia)

Expedition Departure (St. Charles, Missouri)

A Journey Forth (Kansas City, Missouri)

Tribal Council (Omaha, Nebraska)

Circle of Cultures (Bismarck, North Dakota)

Explore the BIg Skys (Great Falls, Montana)

Destination 2005 (Portland,  Oregon)

Clark on the Yellowstone (Billings, Montana)

Home of Sakakawea (New Town, North Dakota)

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (St. Louis, Missouri)


Home Page | Local Events & Activities | Local Travel Information | Web Links | Frequently Asked Questions